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The use of construction waste recycled aggregate is currently one of the main ways of recycling of construction waste production . After the first cleaning of construction waste , sorting of recyclable steel and stainless steel, wood , masonry, cement, concrete blocks broken in the aggregates, sieved to remove impurities , the formation of particles requires certain raw materials , and then press the classification of the design requirements added to the raw material in the manufacture of cement and fly ash and other materials, mixing after the addition of a little water to form the various products of construction and road construction products that can replace ordinary sand and gravel of the road base . DRAGON mobile Aggregate Crusher Plants products in the context of the environment of the use of the resource base of the technology of the road , nearly 60 million cubic meters of construction waste and manure to be converted in the road project, for the construction of waste recycling of resources has played an exemplary role .

In recent years, some local governments , research institutes and visionary companies have come to understand the science of the construction of the waste disposal and the use of resources for the conservation , sanitation of the environment , the importance of the landscaping in urban areas, while being aware of the potential of the market outlook , have the resources necessary to carry out the construction waste recycling technology research and application of practice , and achieved certain results.

First of all, put the product in the market of Turkey is followed by Aggregate Crusher Plants, with a number of international brands Robot Aggregate Crusher Plants is represented , to the crushing of a more advanced technology and quality , can be used for road asphalt, concrete, rocks , minerals, massive demolition of the construction of cement concrete broken, the recycling of materials.

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Aggregate Crushing Plant