Aggregate Crushing Process  - Aggregate Crusher Plant


Large stone quarry and sand and gravel operations in the vicinity of almost all the centres of population.

These are capital-intensive operations, using earth moving equipment, conveyors, and machines specifically designed for the crushing and separation of different sizes of the set, in order to create stocks of products.

The total production flow chart

The blasted raw stones was hauled to one of the stocks by the heavy trucks;

The raw stones like granite, basalt, marble, limestone, cobble stone, etc

it will be injected into Turbo primary Crusher, Secondary crushing machine;

The crushed stones will be transferred to the crusher for further processing;

According to the request of customers, the crushed stone will be sieved into different quality vibration of the screen, or be transferred to Turbo crusher to fineness of grinding;

After the screening process, an associate professor in the washing machine will be necessary to remove the dust and small particles.



Aggregate Crushing Process