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As we all know, the bauxite is widely used to produce aluminum, primary aluminum, extrusion billet, slab, wire rod, and so on. It has broad applications, it is closely related to our daily lives, such as cans of food and beverage, kitchen utensils and various types of packaging. In addition, it is increasingly used to produce cars and airplanes. Vale has operations in all phases of the production of aluminum, the research of bauxite to alumina, refining and the production of primary aluminum. In order to grinding the bauxite industry has a bright future.

Bauxite Ore Crusher for Sale

DRAGON is a professional bauxite ore crushing equipment manufacturer in the world, we have a high efficiency of the bauxite ore crusher for sale, and What our clients who come from the Guinea-say that DRAGON Turbo crusher is very suitable for the bauxite processing solutions. Our products are exported to many countries and cities, from the feedback that our customers know that we have a good reputation in dosmetic and abroad. Our ore crusher bauxite equipment is popular in Africa and the Middle East ,Turkey , India, Greece, Iran, Suriname, Kazakhstan, Russia, and so on.


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