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These are a few examples of the many applications that Dragon Crushers equipment is ideal for. To find the right crusher or screener for your operation, please contact us for a personalized recommendation.

Aggregates, Sand and Gravel

Stone river limestone and basalt, sandstone, all of our road construction and equipment of the jumps of materials in different categories for a multitude of construction work and road construction purposes.

For use in the construction, decoration or construction of roads, rock fragments are crushed, sized and sorted for a variety of purposes.

Asphalt and Concrete Recycling and Demolition and Construction
Bricks, concrete, damaged or used construction materials and concrete and asphalt used for the construction of roads are no match for a Dragon crusher concrete. The materials are crushed, treated and recycled.

The coal is separated from waste rock, dirt, ash, and sulphur, and of appropriate size.

The large landscape projects that require a high-quality aggregates or soils are most cost effective when the concrete, branches and other debris can be separated effectively.

The processing of high volumes in the most difficult conditions requires screening machines that are the most sustainable mining equipment and can handle the most difficult and the most ruthless of the materials.