Mobile Crushing, Screening Price

Some factors, such as the characteristics of the rocks that will be treated, capacity of the power supply and the final size and gradation of ratios, to determine the price. Full mobility brings significant benefits of treatment quaries. This is our standard and the basis of our production.

Contrary to common belief, the portable crushing systems are not expensive than fixed.

DRAGON offers you different types of Mobile Crushing and Screening Systems.’ In order to find a just one of them at the same time for a fair price, we need some brief information.

The first thing to note is the nature of the material and its hardness and abrasiveness.

If knowen, ‘MOHS DEGREE’

If available, the physical and chemical analysis.

The land ratio in the power of the scene.

If it is present, the amount of moisture that we ask.

The capacity is another important element of response. It directs us to the right in the large selection that starts from 60 to 400 tons per hour.

We need to feed the sizes from the crushing capacity.

We also want to know the gradation and aggregates of different sizes and shapes.

When we have a few ideas on the environmental conditions, we can offer sub-units to support smooth and continuous operation. Generators’, ‘Dust Reducers " and " Magnetic Conveyors are willing to accuplate according to the requirements of our customers.

The rusalt of a small questionnaire mantioned a few questions above to help us find the right " DRAGON MOBILE CRUSHING and SCREENING’ and the reasonable price.