Crushing Plant Ore

Extraction and processing of the ore occurs in the world and consists of the extraction of minerals, metals, and precious stones, earth and mineral. Industrial mines of various sizes, some being quite small operations and other very large. Large-scale mines have also the ore processing facility where ore is sent for crushing, washing, and various physical or chemical separation processes. Not all mining products are dangerous, but a lot of heavy metals and the natural radioactivity of the materials that are removed from the earth can be very dangerous for the human health.

In addition to mining activity, there are a large number of inactive and abandoned mine sites throughout the world, which still contain large concentrations of contaminants and to present a danger to the local communities.

Dragon Mobile Crushing Plant , 50t/h to 500t/h ore crushing plant is designed for medium-sized stone quarrying plant, iron ore plant, mineral beneficiation plant and so on.This ore crushing plant can crush the most common materials like granite, basalt, barite, limestone, quartzite, marble, sandstone, cobble stone, iron ore, copper, gold, bauxite and so on.